Dr. Jorge Marcial Islas Samperio

Ph. D. in Applied Economy


Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from the Faculty of Science of the UNAM, Master's Degree in Energy Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering of the UNAM, and Ph. D. in Applied Economy from the Pierre Mendès France II University of Grenoble, France. He is a Senior Researcher and Coordinator of the Energy Planning Group at the Renewable Energies Institute of the UNAM (IER-UNAM, for its acronym in Spanish). He has been Head of the Energy Systems Department, Academic Secretary and Engineering Postgraduate Coordinator (Energy Knowledge Field) at the IER-UNAM, as well as Social Advisor of the Evaluation Coordination of National Policy on Climate Change, and Scientific Manager of the Energy Area of the Ibero-American Program of Science Technology for Development (CYTED, for its acronym in Spanish). He has Level II in the National Researchers System and he is a member of several academic societies. His research interests include Energy Transition, Sustainability of Energy Systems, and Energy and Climate Change Mitigation, where he has been responsible for more than 30 research projects and consultant to different national and international institutions. He has published 36 research articles in international magazines, 4 books among which Towards a Low-carbon Mexican Energy System stands out, along with 16 book chapters.


  • Designado por la Comisión Intersecretarial de Cambio Climático del Gobierno Federal como Consejero Social de la Coordinación de Evaluación de la Política Nacional de Cambio Climático.
  • Designado por el Secretario General del Programa Iberoamericano de Ciencia y Tecnología para el Desarrollo (CYTED) como vocal del Comité del Área de Energía de dicho programa.
  • Autor del Libro Hacia un Sistema Energético Mexicano Bajo en Carbono.
  • Autor del Libro La Era Fotovoltaica en México.
  • Publicación de dos Evaluaciones Estratégicas de la Coordinación de Evaluación de la Política Nacional de Cambio Climático.


  • Prospectiva para la Transición Energética y el Desarrollo Sustentable
  • Energía y Cambio Climático
  • Economía y Política de los Sistemas Energéticos con Fuentes Renovables y el Ahorro y Uso Eficiente de la Energía
  • Sustentabilidad y Políticas para el Aprovechamiento de la Bioenergía

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